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Forskolin slimming tablets with Indian nettle extract are increasingly used by overweight people who want to safely and effectively remove excess fat. However, as with every new product, Forskolin also has a group of people who come up to its slimming properties, quite sceptical. For all interested readers, the following article was written presenting a description of the activity, properties, results of clinical trials and experiences as well as opinions of physicians and specialists in the field of dietetics, nutrition and weight loss, describing the operation of weight loss capsules of Forskolin.

The Indian nettle grows in the subtropical, warm temperate temperate climate areas of the South-East Asian countries. It is often called the hives, a vagina, a cradle, or Coleus forskohlia, an Indian sage. Some of its varieties are more and more often found in European homes (also in Poland) as an ornamental pot plant. The Indian nettle can reach a height of up to 60 cm. Its leaves are tears-shaped, their shade depends on the degree of sunshine. The therapeutic raw material is obtained mainly from the roots, they are collected in the concentration phase. For therapeutic purposes, leaves or entire plants of Coleus forskohlia are also used.

The advantages of Indian nettle root extract have been known and used for centuries in traditional Indian medicine to treat heart failure, arterial hypertension, colic, eczema, urinary disorders, cardiac and body strengthening, and as a weight loss agent.

Research on the properties of the Indian nettle started in 1974. The Central Research Institute in India was particularly active in this field. They confirmed its therapeutic properties, and the most important active substance was named "forskolin" in honour of the Finnish botanist Peter Forcal (1736-1763).

Foskolin is responsible for the treatment of Coleus forskohlia. However, studies indicate that other substances contained in this plant, in the form of volatile oils, diterpenes, coleonols, may have an effect on the absorption and increased activity of the therapeutic terephthalmic forskoline. Similar to diterpenes such as carnezole and tanshinone, they are found in various sage species and rosemary contains an equivalent of forskolin, i. e. rosmanol - rosemary acid. Plant extracts generally contain 10% forskolin.

Forskolin influences the production of AC-enzyme called adenyl cyclase, which is associated with cell membranes. It is an overarching enzyme, stimulating other enzymes to regulate muscle mass growth and initiating fat burning processes. It transforms adenosine triphosphoric acid (ATP) into cAMP - Cyclic Adenosine Monophosphate, the most important regulator of fat breakdown in fatty cells. This compound speeds up the transport of fat to the muscles where it is used to generate energy.

By increasing the production of CAMP, Forskolina also influences the development of muscle mass, as it stimulates the synthesis of proteins. Fatty acids are also released from fatty tissue cells, so muscle tissue uses fat to generate energy. This allows the use of a considerable amount of fatty tissue to produce energy to power the working muscles. This is particularly important in the case of obese people, who generally have a very low level of cAMP. The action of the forskoline is therefore based on a strong stimulation of the production of CAMP in the whole body. However, the forskolin also acts on the functioning of thyroid hormones, thus influencing the regulation of metabolism. Thyroid hormones are largely responsible for metabolism and psychomotor activity of the body, and thus for its general fitness. The more effective the thyroid, the more fat can be burned. Forskolin also influences the growth hormone GH, acting on carbohydrate metabolism by stimulating the process of glycogen decomposition and increased release of glucose from the liver. It has an effect on increased insulin secretion and activates fat burning, while also excluding the processes responsible for fat formation. This stimulates the transformation of fats into free fatty acids, making it easier to burn them.

According to many opinions of nutritionists and dieticians, tablets for weight loss of Forskolin with Indian nettle extract are considered the best slimming formula in 2014. Forskolin tablets are especially recommended for overweight people with extremely low levels of CAMP, thus preventing weight loss.

Thanks to the results of these studies, described actions and opinions on the Indian nettle extract, it will be easier to make a decision on the use of weight loss pills for Forskolin. Medical and scientific o Medical and scientific o

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