Xtrasize is a preparation used to improve male potency, based on natural substances derived mainly from plants that have been considered for centuries to be phrodisiacs. Xtrasize is not a medicine but a dietary supplement, and is available without a prescription. Compared to synthetic medicines, it is safe because it has no side effects. Xtrasize provides the body with the vitamins and minerals it needs, which strengthens its resistance, contributes to protection against stress and increases the size of the penis.

Xtrasize works similarly to drugs such as Viagra and its genera, which causes vascular expansion and the inflow of more blood to the corporeal penis. It is worth noting that for long erection and maintenance of adequate stiffness of the penis, it is necessary to fill the corpses with blood, so that they can press on the arteries leading to blocking the return of blood from this organ to the bloodstream. This allows you to maintain a long and strong erection throughout the relationship.

The preparation consists of ingredients such as epimedium, maca, sabal palm, papilla, velvety grain, ginseng, liquorice, common nettle, mace, maceless maiden, spinoa and dinosaur, additionally it contains L-arginine - amino acid necessary for the production of the expansion agent of blood vessels. For centuries, these ingredients have been appreciated for their regenerative and immune properties, supporting blood circulation in the tissues and refreshingly acting on the mind. Xtrasize supplements provide the body with valuable minerals such as zinc and iron, which are essential for metabolic changes.

The use of Xtrasize increases sexual drive, which results in more frequent intercourse. During the excitement, the man achieves a stronger erection that lasts longer than usual. In addition, the size of the penis is increased - it is larger and thicker, accompanied by stiffness ensuring high quality of partner penetration. Gentlemen don't have to be afraid that the expectations of the partner will be disappointed, because a longer erection allows to satisfy sexual fantasies.

Unlike synthetic drugs to improve potency, Xtrasize dietary supplement does not cause side effects, and can therefore be sold over the counter. Herbal preparations such as Vigrax and Climax control also work in a similar way. These supplements, as demonstrated by research, have substances that protect prostate from prostate growth and cancer.


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